Kotor Bay

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The Montenegrin coast is located in the southeastern part of the Adriatic Sea, between Croatia and Albania. It is 260.2 km long (of which the coast is 249.1 km and the coast of the island is 11.1 km).


The Bay of Kotor is the most impressive part of the Montenegrin coast and is located in the southeast between the mountains Orjen and Lovćen. Its geographical position is: 42 ° 31 “00 ‘N x 18 ° 30″ 29′ E and 19 ° 21 “40 ‘E x 41 ° 51″ 18′ N.

Basic morphometric data of the Bay of Kotor are given in the following table:

Total area
87.33 km 2
Total volume
2,412,306,000 km 3
Maximum depth
60 m
Medium depth
27.3 m
The length of the bay
28.13 km
The length of the coast
105.7 km
Coastal indentation (K)
The width of the entrance to the bay
2.95 km

The Bay of Kotor consists of four bays: Kotor, Risan, Tivat and Herceg Novi. It has a total area of ​​87.3 km 2, a volume of 2.4 x 106 km 3, a maximum depth of 60 m, and an average of 27.3 m. The length of the coast is 105.7 km. It is assumed that it was formed by fluvial erosion, as early as the Pliocene.

The total infralittoral area is about 23.6 km 2.

This region is also known as the area with the highest average rainfall in Europe.

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