Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

7 Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks, No Maintenance Aquariums

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Pets are as important as family, and with that said, you would want them to have a place where they are comfortable, happy, and healthy. Maintenance, however, of these said pieces might be hard and frustrating, especially for kids and first-time owners alike. These cases are especially true when you own fishes that need to be placed in aquariums.

In the art of fish-keeping, most adults who are beginners and kids usually look out for self-cleaning aquariums. Self-cleaning aquariums are what many beginners usually prefer. Unlike other fish tanks and aquariums, these are an excellent way and a perfect piece with lesser demand for maintenance, effort, and time for cleaning. Kids, of course, usually prefer having fun to having responsibilities. This being said, it would be hard to keep them focused on regularly maintaining their fish tanks. Everyone knows that fun and happiness with fish-keeping comes with responsibility. A self-cleaning aquarium will be the perfect thing that you can have.

For those who have old aquariums that require high maintenance or if you are one who is new to fish keeping, a self-cleaning aquarium is what you should be looking for. If you are a bit confused about which ones would be the best to choose, here is the article that can help you out. Given here is the list of the 7 best self-cleaning, no maintenance aquariums, their features, and as well as their pros and cons.

What Exactly Are Self-Cleaning Aquariums

Self-cleaning, no-maintenance aquariums are the perfect piece and place that would provide comfort and serve as home to your beloved pets. This type of aquarium assures that wastes and debris generated by your pet are effectively removed from the tank without requiring much effort from the owners. With this being said, therefore, you are sure of having a tank that has good water quality, clarity, and is a healthy tank for your adorable pet. You are promised of lesser to no effort at all of eliminating or minimizing wastes and toxins that may form inside your tanks or aquariums.

Top 7 Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

Finding the right and perfect home for your pet is what you would want to do. To help you with choosing which aquarium would be perfect for you, your choices have been narrowed down to 7 of the best self-cleaning, no-maintenance aquariums that can be found in the market.

1. BiOrb Flow Aquarium

biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED
biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED (4 – 8 Gal)

If you are looking for efficient self-cleaning with a unique compact bookend style, BiOrb Flow Aquarium has all that and more other incredible features. Features that come along with this aquarium are biOrb transformers, first-grade filters, and LED systems, along with several other contents. BiOrb Flow Aquarium appears crystal-like and is 10 times stronger than glass because it is made of acrylic.   This assures that maintenance is out of your hands with its advanced filtration system.


  1. The tank has the capacity to hold up to 8 gallons of water.
  2. It also comes with five stages of advanced filtration system –Water Stabilization, Biological, Oxygenation, Chemical, and Mechanical.
  3. With its ceramic media, BiOrb flow aquarium aids greatly with providing biological filtration.
  4. This aquarium is remarkably stronger as it is made with 93% crystal clear and transparent acrylic.

Pros: Already has a feed hole and features a built-in LED light. Additionally, it is easy to assemble, effortless to maintain, and lightweight. It is remarkably strong, built with a versatile design, and its filter performance is absolutely perfect.

Cons: Oftentimes, the filter of this aquarium needs to be replaced. It is as well as not cost-effective.

2. As Seen On TV Self Cleaning Tank

My Fun Fish Tank
My Fun Fish Tank

For those looking for a basic, simple, and kid-friendly aquarium, My Fun fish tank is the perfect one for you. To keep the water clean, this fish tank makes use of gravity technology. If your primary goal is going for a small, perfectly kid-friendly fish tank, My Fun Fish Tank is what you should have. The size of this fish tank is great for raising fish, such as a betta. This fish tank is highly recommended for kids and adults alike who are beginners in the art of fish-raising. It is through gravity technology that this tank can self-clean. This said, you still have to pour in clean regularly, freshwater in, only then the dirty water automatically goes straight to the disposal tube.


  1. The My Fun Fish Tank is made of plastic and looks similar to a jug.
  2. Along with the tank, provided as well in the package, are rocks and LED lights.
  3. In order to collect the dirty water, make sure that a container is placed close to the disposal tube at all times.
  4. This fish tank has the capacity to hold up to half gallons of water.

Pros: Kid-friendly and perfect for beginners. It is affordable and requires only a small amount of space. My fun fish tank is also low maintenance.

Cons: Since it is small, this fish tank can only contain and house one fish at a time.

3. AquaSprouts Garden – a self-sustaining aquarium

AquaSprouts Garden
AquaSprouts Garden

This remarkable fish tank is mostly known because of how it introduced the concept of Aquaponics farming and incorporating it into aquariums. Understanding Aquaponics is a combination of both hydroponics and aquaculture, wherein plant growing and fish raising are done in one aquarium. This process aids in the conversion of ammonia to nitrate, which is plant food. To explain it simply, the plants help in keeping the tank clean, and the fishes’ waste serves as fertilizer to the plants. The makers of AquaSprouts Garden incorporate Aquaponics in order to create and introduce a sustainable environment through water wastage reduction by fish waste recycling.


  1. No matter where you choose to place this tank, it will always look good, thanks to its classy black matte design.
  2. AquaSprouts garden has the capacity to hold up to 10 gallons of water.
  3. Included in the package of this fish tank are a timer, clay-grown media, pump, AquaSprouts garden, light bar, and a guide.
  4. In the back of AquaSprouts garden is a 2-inch gap which assures convenience in feeding.

Pros: With Aquaponics, this tank does self-clean perfectly. It creates a sustainable and environment-friendly ecosystem, and it requires no additional filtration system. AquaSprouts garden is easy to maintain, and wastage is reduced.

Cons: AquaSprouts garden can be a little bit noisy and is also quite heavy.

4. Marineland Portrait Aquarium

MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit
MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

This aquarium has high-quality features and features a large, rimless curved design. Given it is designed horizontally, it only occupies a small space, which makes it perfect for fish owners who prefer smaller tanks. The Marineland bio-foam, glass canopy, powerful filter, and flow filter pump are just some of the great features that you will enjoy when you choose the Marineland Portrait Aquarium. What this aquarium is best known for is its screen, which allows owners effortless maintenance and cleaning jobs.


  1. The LED lights are magical, with both blue lights which illuminate a glowy moonlight effect, and the white light, which illuminates the natural daylight.
  2. Marineland Portrait Aquarium works in accordance with a three-stage self-cleaning system and has the capacity to hold up to 5 gallons of water.
  3. The filtration system won’t hinder the overall appearance of the tank as it remains hidden.

Pros: Marineland portrait aquarium has an attractive design, and it only occupies a small space. It comes in an affordable range, and its seamless glass edge is overall perfect. LED lights provide natural illuminations. There is more space for taller plants because of their portrait orientation.

Cons: Unfortunately, the Marineland portrait aquarium’s rear compartment is made of plastic. The filter flow may only be healthy for specific kinds of fish.

5. Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light
MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

This aquarium has caught many buyers’ attention because of its sleek edges and elegantly contoured design. Additionally, the Marineland contour glass aquarium kit has a rail light that illuminates natural brightness and glows. You won’t have to worry about your fish jumping out of the tank because this aquarium also features a glass canopy, which will help with the problem. Marineland contour glass aquarium kit is a definitely recommended one for aspiring fish enthusiasts and beginners alike.


  1. The LEDs of this aquarium (bright white and blue) are already provided. It can also run on a timer.
  2. The LEDs can be switched to toggle between blue and white light, blue only, and off.
  3. Marineland contour glass aquarium kit has the capacity to hold up to 3 gallons of water.
  4. Along with the package of this aquarium, included as well as a RITE SIZE Z filter cartridge.
  5. What’s great about this is it works accordingly to the three-stage filtration system –biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration.

Pros: Proven high quality and is low maintenance. Its filters are kept hidden, which won’t affect the overall look of the aquarium. The LED lights are interchangeable and are energy efficient. It maintains the temperature and features a canopy that can be slid back, convenient for feeding.  

Cons: As it can maintain temperature, you would still need to buy a heater separately. The pump current of the aquarium’s filter is too strong.

6. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon
Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon

Fluval Spec III aquarium kit is the right option for those looking for a nano aquarium, which will look great no matter where it is placed. This aquarium’s aluminum LED lights and illuminations are quite impressive and stunning. The advanced filtration system of the Fluval Spec III aquarium kit will be handling the maintenance process. Its adorable and sleek design and nano-size provide the aesthetics that would need no matter where it will be placed.


  1. It features an oversized and overall powerful three-stage filtration system.
  2. The package of this aquarium includes a filter, porous foam block, BioMax bio rings, and the circulation pump.
  3. Fluval Spec III aquarium kit is made of purely etched glass along with perfectly blended aluminum.
  4. Its lighting is impressive, and it includes 31 LED lights it.
  5. This aquarium has the capacity to hold up to 2.6 gallons of water.

Pros: Comes in nano size and is packed with truly impressive features. The LED lights provide great bright illuminations, and its design is really eye-catching. Fluval Spec III aquarium kit provides a powerful cleaner, making maintenance and cleaning for the owners easy.

Cons: Does not include any separate or allotted space for the heater. It is also not cost-effective.

7. Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden – A self-sustaining aquaponic system

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden
Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

For those who are after an aquarium with innovative and designs along with interior gardening of plants, Springworks Microfarm aquaponics garden may be the one you are looking for. This aquarium assures more farming and less wastage, promising to create a sustainable, eco-friendly environment. Cleaning and maintenance won’t be trouble with this aquarium. What’s great is that you will get all these great features, all at a reasonable and budget-friendly price.


  1. It is up to your choice of which choice of herbs and plants to grow. You can grow any plant or herb you want, such as oregano seeds and basil.
  2. A 2 in 1 aquarium that can house your pet fish and provide you with an indoor garden.
  3. Along with the kit package of this aquarium comes a pump timer, tank lid, grow bed, high output light, lightweight clay, reflector assembly, natural de-chlorinator, and other fittings.
  4. It comes with bright light, and it can fit up to 10 gallons of the aquarium.
  5. The fish waste is converted to plant food thanks to its natural de-chlorinator.

Pros: Non-complex and effortless cleaning is made possible with Aquaponics. It also provides the perfect manifestation of a sustainable ecosystem and environment. You are assured of first-grade and high quality.

Cons: It is quite heavy, and the aquarium should be bought separately. The decors and gravels as well are not included and must be bought separately.

Why Self-Cleaning Aquarium than Regular Tanks: The Concept behind them

“Aquaponics” is the concept behind the idea of self-cleaning aquariums. Aquaponics describes the case wherein you grow plants on the same aquarium or tank in which your pet fish is placed and housed. What you have to know are the plants that are grown inside the aquarium benefit from the fish as well. The fishes’ waste serves as their fertilizer. Additionally, even the CO2 that is produced by the fish also contributes and serves to the photosynthetic process. This being said, you must place the tank where it will receive enough lighting. Moreover, the plant’s root area also serves beneficially for producing good bacteria, which in turn, helps in ridding the tank of nitrites and nitrates.

If not the concept of “Aquaponics”, other self-cleaning tanks works based on gravity. With this concept, to get the contaminated water out of the tank, the pump is responsible for doing so. Along with getting contaminated water out, it comes freshwater to make necessary water changes. The pump works by capturing wastes and debris and then passes these said wastes and debris out of the tank.

Summarizing the concepts of self-cleaning tanks, they work both on physical and biological phenomena.  These tanks are better and require lesser time and effort for maintenance than regular tanks. Regular tanks will require you to have an allotted time to get them cleaned and regularly maintained, unlike self-cleaning ones, which require little to no maintenance at all.

Why Self-Cleaning Aquarium than Regular Tanks

The Advantages of Having Self-Cleaning Aquariums

Here are some advantages which may additionally convince you to buy a self-cleaning aquarium:

Eco-friendly. Since most self-cleaning aquariums apply the aquaponics concept, these aquariums are able to provide a more natural environment with plants being added to its setup. Plants don’t just add an aesthetic flair but are healthy for the fish too.

Energy-saving. You can do away with putting much effort into cleaning and maintaining the tank. Because it is self-cleaning, owners won’t be stressed out and regularly checking whether the tank is cleaned or not. The stress that owners feel for adding tank maintenance and clean-up to their schedule is eliminated when you have a self-cleaning aquarium.

Time-saving. Setting up self-cleaning aquariums is easy, which makes it time-saving. Maintenance is also done automatically, so you won’t have to spare some time for cleaning the tank. Unlike the regular ones, self-cleaning aquariums will provide you with ease and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your pet fishes without worrying about the cleanliness of where they are placed. Regular clean-ups are not required and are entirely necessary with self-cleaning aquariums.

Wrapping it Up

Self-cleaning tanks are really for everyone. These aquariums are for anyone who wishes to enjoy the art of fish-raising while not worrying about regular maintenance and clean-ups. It isn’t just about how easy these are to clean up but also how it can also provide a sustainable environment. Buying self-cleaning tanks would be worth it, and you won’t regret it. Whether you choose to buy freshwater or saltwater aquariums, self-cleaning aquariums must be on top of your list and your priority.

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