Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps

Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps: 8 Most Popular Options

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All aquarium hobbyists want to keep their tank healthy and flourishing. They can change out their aquarium water themselves and add necessary supplements. 

However, the problem is they might not add the precise amount of tank additives needed. That’s when dosing pumps come in handy. These pumps can be used in both freshwater and marine tanks.

Aquarium dosing pumps help monitor certain water properties and balance your tank water effectively and automatically. And you might get overwhelmed by plenty of choices available on the market. Therefore, we’re here gathering the most effective aquarium dosing pump products, helping you pick the most appropriate one for your home tank. 

What is an Aquarium Dosing Pump? 

What is an Aquarium Dosing Pump?
What is an Aquarium Dosing Pump?

An aquarium dosing pump is an automated device that pumps a specific amount of liquid into your tank at a regular interval. Whether your tank inhabitants require additional bio-elements, minerals, amino acids, or fertilizer, it is crucial to give them on a regular basis and in small doses that are easily ingested. 

An aquarium dosing pump is designed to automate that process, save you a lot of time and energy. It works by forcing out the liquid in a stable flow. It works with a peristaltic pump design that is a system made up of rollers connected to the rotor. The rotor’s rotation makes the rollers press down on the hose, pumping liquid out at a regular interval.

These dosing pumps are adjustable, so you can take control over the quantity of liquid and the speed of the rotor. Aquarium dosing pumps can be more or less complicated, depending on each model. The basic technology only includes this peristaltic pump system. Advanced ones connect to other automatic devices, and some can be controlled via an app. 

Top 8 Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps 

1. Jebao DP-4 Programmable Auto Dosing Pump

Jebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4, Black
Jebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4, Black

This aquarium dosing pump provides efficient water management for small and large tanks. Any type of tank can use this pump. 

With up to four channels of use, the Jebao pump helps add the tank additives you want to keep your tank water on the right track. For some specific aquariums, it’s vital to balance minerals and properties in the water. And this device makes that balance a reality and doses aquariums up to 24 times per day. You no longer have to dose your tank every day. 

The dosing pump handles everything automatically. You just need to program it and use the included remote. 


  • Keep your aquarium in good condition
  • Can be used for any type of tank
  • Mix your water every day
  • Affordable price


  • Not ideal for smaller tanks

2. Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump

Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump
Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump

It is regarded as one of the most advanced aquarium dosing pumps. This professional-grade, highly precise, and accurate pump leverages modern technology to bring your proper dosage of liquid to your tank. 

The BM-T11 can be programmed to does your aquarium all day long, up to 24 times every day. It includes three independent channels which can deliver any liquid (from 1ml to 1999 ml) into your tank. 

It is easy to program this aquarium dosing pump by using the simple LCD display and push-button controls. Besides, the microcomputer chip and built-in storage memory will save the settings in case of power failure. 

Moreover, the unit is completely waterproof in design. You can also get a one-year guarantee from the manufacture. 


  • Excellent quality and performance
  • Used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Easy to set up and program 
  • Highly durable


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity with the pump
  • High price
  • Include only three pump channels 

3. Eshopps Dosing Master Pump 

Eshopps Dosing Master Pump
Eshopps Dosing Master Pump

Eshopps dosing water pump is another popular dosing pump on the market. However, it is quite small and includes only two pumps. Therefore, it will be a better fit for smaller aquariums. 

Each pump can be programmed separately and can delivery 1ml to 1999 ml of liquid. Users can flexibly decide the amount of liquid for each doser and the number of times they want to be dosed. And you can also split the total amount by 24 cycles per day. 

An amazing feature of the Eshopps dosing pump is that it does not dispense the substances together during a cycle. The pump has an interval of 5 minutes between two substances so that the chemicals do not react with each other before combining in the water. 

This US-made dosing pump is made from high-quality materials, and it can be used for any type of tank. In addition, the price is affordable, so you can increase the number of pumps by adding a slave unit. 


  • High-grade material
  • Quiet pump corporation
  • Allow controlling two pumps individually 


  • Not suitable for large tanks 
  • Hard to press buttons 

4. Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Micropump 

Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Micropump
Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Micropump

The Kamoer dosing pump is a single-unit pump, and you can think of a small powerhouse capable of dosing your tank accurately. The amazing part is that it includes an integrated Bluetooth connection. Hence, you can control and configure the program via your mobile phone. 

You can set up the dosing interval from 12 times every day to once per 31 days. The Bluetooth micropump can handle a comparatively large volume, up to 6000 ml. It is clear to calibrate with graduated cylinders and silicone tubings. 


  • Exact and accurate dosing
  • Easy to program
  • Include integrated Bluetooth connection
  • Be operated via your mobile


  • Settings will be lost if power interrupts. 

5. Hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump 

Hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump, Peristaltic Metering Liquid Pumps Programmable Auto Titration Pump
Hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump, Peristaltic Metering Liquid Pumps Programmable Auto Titration Pump

The aquarium dosing pump from Hygger is a highly precise, simple-to-program dosing pump. This 4-port dosing pump can deliver an accurate amount of liquid fertilizer or water conditioner to your tank simultaneously per day. Additionally, you can take control over four channels individually to address different requirements. 

This dosing pump is equipped with a real-time clock backed up for power interruption and can be set up to run from 1 to 24 times per day. Remarkably, the extra-large LCD display presents the current time, date, and remaining times until another cycle begins. 

What’s more, the pump consists of a built-in timer that will enable you to set it and forget it. It provides multiple times to choose from, so you can determine the accurate time, day of the week, or month you want your tank dosed. 

Furthermore, you can decide how much liquid to add at every dose. The maximum volume of the pump is up to 9999 ml each day. 


  • Suitable for large aquariums
  • Highly precise and easy to program
  • Include tubings in the package
  • Able to handle 9999 ml per day 


  • Quite expensive 

6. CoralBox WiFi Dosing Pump

CoralBox WiFi Dosing Pump
CoralBox WiFi Dosing Pump

With the CoralBox Wi-Fi dosing pump, you can monitor and control the system via your smartphone. In addition to what it is supposed to do, it also offers built-in weather protection. If such severe conditions are identified, the machine will stop working and switch on automatically when the conditions are better. 

The setup is super easy, and there is a one-time Wi-Fi setup needed to pair the machine with the router and set the app on the mobile phone. When it is done, the system can operate remotely. This aluminum dosing pump includes four channels and can be used for marine tanks. 

It is simple to control the device from your phone. Besides, there’s still documentation online under the forms of Youtube videos, making it way easier to understand if you’re a visual learner. 

This aquarium dosing pump comes with four different pumps that deliver your nutrients and additives to the aquarium. CoralBox can be used in both freshwater and saltwater tanks. Notably, you can get a 12-month warranty when purchasing this item. 


  • High-quality material
  • Able to control the device via mobile phones
  • Used for any tank


  • Quite pricey
  • More proper for marine tanks 

7. MCD-3-M Marine Color Dosing Pump 

Marine Color Dosing Pump MCD-3-M Manage up to 6 Channel of Expansion
Marine Color Dosing Pump MCD-3-M Manage up to 6 Channel of Expansion

This is a microcomputer-controlled dosing pump with three different channels, each of which can be programmed separately. The provided pump and hoses are rated tens of times more than regular items that include silicon tubes. Although the MCD-3-M dosing pump is a triple channel pump, a combination can be leveraged for up to 6 channels. 

One of the most remarkable features is that the device is packed with battery backup, so you don’t need to worry about those blackouts. 

The flow rate is from 1 ml to 4999 ml. This item can be set up to work up to 24 cycles a single day. The manufacturer rates the precision of the pump within the 3% limit when it is calibrated right. Another notable feature is that all the parameters can be displayed on the screen. 

The product is comprised of a universal power adapter with an output of 2A at 12 Volts. Moreover, there are also six meters of silicone tubing and a measuring cylinder. 


  • Long-term feedback is positive
  • Extended up to six channels 
  • Calibration is efficient.


  • Some have recorded loud operating noise.
  • Thinner tubes have been difficult for some.

8. Aqua Medic Reef Doser EVO 4 Aquarium Water Pump

Aqua Medic Reef Doser EVO 4 Aquarium Water Pump
Aqua Medic Reef Doser EVO 4 Aquarium Water Pump

The Aqua Medic aquarium dosing pump can refresh your tank by delivering important minerals at pre-set times. It consists of four channels and is super easy to use and maintain. The LCD screen and adjustment buttons make it easy for you to define the required feeding values. 

Users can flexibly adjust the dosing time per day, interval, and dosing amount via those buttons. The manufacturer suggests that you should not run the pumps for over 15 minutes at a time while dosing. Working more than 15 minutes can affect the life of the pumps. 

The Aqua Medic Doser facilitates the controlled addition of bicarbonate and calcium into tanks with a coral reef. This can dispense minerals and balance the pH of the aquarium. Besides, the system enables all the dosing pumps to be calibrated and configured independently for the correct delivery of chemicals. 

What’s more, there is an internal timer system that can be configured to decide the cycle time for the nutrients to be spread. This is applied separately for every pump and ranges from seconds to days. 


  • Extendable to six channels, with an additional accessory
  • Universal power supply – 100 to 240 V
  • 2-year warranty


  • Some clients reported dead on arrival. 

Quick Comparisons of Top 8 Aquarium Dosing Pump

#Product NameImagePriceAction
1Jebao DP-4 Programmable Auto Dosing PumpJebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4, Black$69Buy on Amazon!
2Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing PumpBubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump$$Buy on Amazon!
3Eshopps Dosing Master PumpEshopps Dosing Master Pump$$Buy on Amazon!
4Kamoer X1 Bluetooth MicropumpKamoer X1 Bluetooth Micropump$59.99Buy on Amazon!
5Hygger Aquarium Dosing PumpHygger Aquarium Dosing Pump, Peristaltic Metering Liquid Pumps Programmable Auto Titration Pump $66.99Buy on Amazon!
6CoralBox Wi-FiCoralBox WiFi Dosing Pump$$Buy on Amazon!
7MCD-3-M Marine Color Dosing PumpMarine Color Dosing Pump MCD-3-M Manage up to 6 Channel of Expansion$$Buy on Amazon!
8Aqua Medic Reef Doser EVO 4 Aquarium Water PumpAqua Medic Reef Doser EVO 4 Aquarium Water Pump$$Buy on Amazon!

Those enthusiastic about building a well-functioning marine system at home require good care so that reefs, corals, fishes, and aquatic plants can thrive in their tank. 

To ensure these florae and fauna to live well, it is essential to maintain them as an ecosystem. In the oceans, they get replenished for nutrients via the natural cycle. Your system needs manual replenishment, and those aquarium dosing pumps can do for you. 

Do you know any dosing pump that works for your aquarium? Please share it with other readers in the comment section.   


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