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Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank / Aquarium Stand – Reviewed + Buyer’s Guide

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There are a variety of fish tanks in the market, all ranging from different sizes and designs – but if you have a 55-gallon fish tank with you, what else could possibly help support all of the heavy weightiness of water and glass other than a 55-gallon fish tank stand as well?

This type of stand will assist in making your aquarium look more fashionable inside your home and also guarantee that it is sturdy enough to keep your aquarium and pet fishes inside it safe. Below is a list of some of the finest fish tank stands, trusted by lots of people already. In fact, these have been manufactured to not only serve as a mere fish tank but make the interiors of your home still look lovely at the same time.

Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank / Aquarium Stand

#1: Sauder 416443 Select Aquarium Stand  55 Gallon Fish Tank

Sauder 416443 Select Aquarium Stand
Sauder 416443, Select Aquarium Stand, 48″ x 12″ – 33/40 Long, 55 Gallon, Jamocha Wood Finish

This fish tank stand guarantees itself to be reliable since it is made from heavy-duty wood. It is able to support all of the heavy weightiness that comes with the water and glass of your aquarium since it has a Jamocha Wood Finish. The fish tank stand measures 12.75 inches in length, 48.5 inches in width, and 28 inches in height.

It has a classy appearance, sporting a look that would suit well in any part of your home – of course, as long as there is space. The fish tank stand does not only provide room for your aquarium. It can also serve as a bookshelf or cabinet for miscellaneous stuff inside your home.

Being a shelf or cabinet while still being a sturdy, classy fish tank stand already makes the Sauder 416443 look compelling, but there is actually still more to it! The stand also has two doors in the middle, with a number of cutouts at the back for the cord management system of your electrical appliances. It also has a water-resistant platform for additional protection.

#2: Petco Brooklyn 55 Gallon Metal Tank Stand – The Durable Metal Aquarium Stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn 55 Gallon Metal Tank Stand
Imagitarium Brooklyn 55 Gallon Metal Tank Stand

The Petco Brooklyn 55-Gallon Metal Tank Stand has a dimension of 13.5 inches in length, 48.5 inches in width, and 29.5 inches in height. The dimensions of the mentioned fish tank product could suit and support a 55-gallon aquarium well, given that it is also made of durable solid steel. In fact, the fish tank stand is deemed strong enough to hold a weight that exceeds 550 pounds.

The design of this fish tank stand looks rather minimal, built solely for the purpose of supporting your aquarium and not as an interior design. Still, if you think that the minimal look of this fish tank stand goes well with the aesthetics of your house, then this is the right product for you.

The tank is easy to assemble and also comes at a budget-friendly price. The bottom is open for your wires and other sorts of cords, and also has foot stoppers to avoid sliding. The only con that comes with the Petco Brooklyn 55, though, is that its design is only suitable for glass fish tanks. If your aquarium isn’t made of glass, then you’d have to think twice about purchasing this product.

#3: Citec TitanEze Aquarium Stand – A Minimalistic, Stylish Fish Tank Stand

Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand 55 Gal
Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand 55 Gal

This fish tank stand could also suit your minimalistic aesthetic because, really, this product has a simple design, with not too much detail on it. While still looking minimalistic and classy, this fish tank stand could still support the substantial weight of your 55-gallon aquarium as it is sturdy and made from durable materials.

The space below the stand is open, letting you place whatever piece of decoration or any sort of object you want below your fish tank stand. If you have a pump for your fish tank, it could fit well at the open bottom of the Citec TitanEze Aquarium Stand. In fact, both of the fish tank stand’s open top and bottom shelves can accommodate your 55-gallon aquarium.

What the customers love most about this product is that it is easy to assemble. No complex tools or instructions are required for this fish tank because once you get your hands on it, you will most likely be able to assemble it right away. It takes only minutes for you to have this fashionable, simple and essential fish tank stand placed inside your house, classroom, or even your office if you’d like!

#4: Flipper Ollie & Hutch Wildwood – The Aquarium Stand with a Chic Rustic Style

Flipper Ollie & Hutch Wildwood 55 Gallon
Flipper Ollie & Hutch Wildwood 55 Gallon

This aquarium style can make your house or interior look cozier with its rustic appearance. Who knows? Maybe it’s the missing piece that your house is lacking. It is made from a wood veneer that is rustic brown with gray undertones as well. It is 15.75 inches in length, 50 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. The fish tank is deemed as sturdy, being able to support your 55 gallon-aquarium well enough that you won’t worry about it suddenly falling over.

Aside from looking fashionable and being sturdy, the Flipper Ollie & Hutch Wildwood also has multiple purposes. It doesn’t limit itself to being a fish tank alone, as its bottom part has shelves in which you can place your books, decors, and other miscellaneous stuff. There are four available, spacious shelves that you can store your objects in. Your fish tank accessories can also be stored there.

However, the Flipper Ollie & Hutch Wildwood may also seem heavy to carry, requiring two adults to handle it once the product arrives in your home.

#5: Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand – A Classic, Stunning Fish Tank Stand

If you want to enhance the interiors of your space, you may want to equip yourself with an Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand. It has a classic look to it and would suit any corner and any space of your home or even your workspace. It is made from white wood veneer and designed with dark gray metal hardware accents as well.

The fish tank stand does not only provide a boost in the aesthetics of your area but can also serve as a cabinet or shelf for you to keep your possessions in. The fish tank stand has four spacious, capacious shelves at its bottom part, accommodated with doors (with quick access knobs) as well to prevent the inside from being dusty. You can easily store your fish tank accessories inside these shelves, too, may it be your fish’s food, water treatments, or nets.

The Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand measures 15.75 inches in length, 50 inches in width, and 30 inches in height, which is perfect for an aquarium that holds 55 gallons of water. Fashionable, sturdy, and convenient – this fish tank stand proves itself to be promising as well.

#6: Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand – Polished with a Sturdy Foundation Fish Tank Stand

The Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Fish Tank Stand is able to support your aquarium and guarantee the safety of your pet fishes inside it as well, may it be an aquarium that holds 55 gallons of water, or even aquariums that hold only 38 gallons.

This stand makes your aquarium be on eye level with your visitors, having them avoid crouch down or walk further to the back just to take a better look at it. Its design is simple yet sophisticated to look at, with features that make the fish tank stand convenient for you as well, such as its bottom part.

Behind the doors that could be found at the bottom of the fish tank, the stand serves as a shelf and is spacious for the equipment that you intend to put inside. It has an open backboard that boosts airflow for any pumps or sorts of electronic devices that you could store in it. With this open backboard, overheating of your equipment will most definitely be avoided.

With the fish tank stand’s classy color scheme, convenient shelf, and sturdy built, rest assured that it is perfect for your home and workplace.

#7: Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Shelf – An Elegant All-Black Aquarium Stand

If your aesthetics lies somewhere on the monochrome part of the color spectrum, and if you have an eye specifically on the color black, then this piece is perfect for your taste. Of course, you don’t have to have black as your aesthetic or favorite color to appreciate this piece, because we all know that black, brown, and white pieces go well with any theme your interior might have.

What makes this fish tank stand beautiful and compelling is that it has a rather modern look to it, donning an all-black style that could guarantee a good first impression for everyone who lays their eyes on it. The fish tank doesn’t limit itself to visuals, though. Its top part is sturdy and reliable enough for your 55-gallon fish tank stand, while its bottom part is left open and capacious enough to accommodate all of the objects that you wish to place on it.

The Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand proves itself to be convenient, fashionable, and reliable all at the same time. It has a length of 14.25 inches, a width of 48.75 inches, and a height of 27.75 inches.

A Guide to Buying the Perfect 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand for You

With the list of quality, aquarium stands provided above. It’s understandable if you find yourself having trouble with picking which one would best suit your taste. Don’t worry or stress yourself too much over it, though, because the guide below could definitely help you know what fish tank stand would best suit your taste.

There are a few tips and notes you have to keep in mind when shopping for fish tank stands. They’re nothing too serious and complex, and honestly, you’ll get the gist of “shopping for aquarium stands” in no time. Ask yourself these questions when shopping, so that you’d end up with an aquarium stand that you’ll grow to love looking at daily.

What Materials Should I Go With When I’m on a Tight Budget?

Who wouldn’t like to have a sturdy, firm fish tank stand, right? The basic way to know if an aquarium stand is sturdy (and could hold the hefty weight of your 55-gallon aquarium without toppling down) is to take a look or scan through the materials it has been made out of.

Most people who find it a bit difficult to buy rather expensive fish tank stands settle for cheap ones instead, like stands that are made out of plastic. While this may look friendly to your pockets at first, it’ll eventually cost you more compared to buying a quality stand instead. Plastic isn’t really well-built and is frail; they’ll keep on breaking, and breaking, and you may find yourself buying more and more of these stands.

Repeatedly buying plastic stands once it breaks will make you take out more money from your wallets. If you opt for a budget-friendly fish tank stand, there are a variety of them that are made from particleboards, stainless steel, and wood. These types of stands will last and stick with you for years you couldn’t imagine.

Particleboards are the most affordable among the three materials. Fish tank stands that are made out of this material can handle your 55-gallon aquarium well, and would not be much of a bother to carry and set up since it doesn’t weigh that heavy in comparison to the other two materials.

Stainless steels are, by no surprise, heavier in comparison to particleboards. However, stainless steel often provides a quite modern look to your interiors with its minimalistic appearance. Some buyers may worry about rust developing on their aquarium stand, but there are also stainless steel fish tank stands that come with a powder coating to shield the piece away from rust.

A fish tank stands made out of wood. However, they are timeless pieces and could immediately make the interiors of your home as cozy as it could be. Without a doubt, wooden pieces could fit anywhere in one’s interior, and even make it look a whole lot better. Aesthetics and visuals aside, a fish tank stand made out of wood guarantees that it could last with you for a lifetime. Wooden aquarium stands find no trouble with having to deal with pets and children as well.

What Type of 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand is the Most Convenient?

Definitely, not all fish tank stands have storage provided for you and your interiors, but fortunately, some of them do. This factor or feature does not only make your fish tank stand more pleasing to one’s eyes, but it can also be pretty convenient for your needs as well.

If you feel like your fish tank stand is somehow “lacking” and needs more furniture or decors to go with it, then a fish tank stand that has shelves below it would definitely suit your taste. These shelves allow you to place books inside of it, or maybe even picture frames or other types of interior decorations that you have in your house. Some of these shelves come with doors to prevent dust from getting inside, while some come with an open backboard for more optimal airflow. If you want to store electronic devices below your tank but worry about the cables, then there are also fish tank stands that have cutouts at the back for your wires.

However, if you don’t really prefer fish tank stands with shelves, then there are still a variety of brands to choose from. Most people with pumps prefer having an open bottom for their fish tank stands, while some people do not like the idea of having a shelf underneath their stand and would rather see the beauty of their aquarium on it and that only.

Whatever type of fish tank stand you prefer, though – may it have a shelf underneath or completely devoid of it – you would not run out of options to choose from. Think about it carefully if you’re open to adding a few more decorations to your stand or would like to keep it minimal instead.

Should I Place My Fish Tank Indoors or Outdoors?

Most fish tanks are stored indoors; a majority of fish tank owners have their aquariums kept inside their home or workplace, actually. However, there are still those who like it better when their fish tanks are kept outside instead. Both are fine and accepted, though the type of fish stand that they would use will definitely differ.

The first thing you should always look at is the material. Once you’ve determined its sturdiness and reliability, you must see if it would go well with staying outdoors or indoors. If you’re a fish tank owner who prefers to have their aquarium indoors, then any type of material would go well with you, and you wouldn’t have to worry too much.

If you prefer having your fish tank kept outdoors, though, then choosing the type of fish tank would be a little bit challenging for you. You are still open to particleboards, stainless steel, and wood – however, it’s not promised that fish tanks that are made out of these and are also kept outside will last long.

Having these materials constantly rained on or be too exposed to sunlight will eventually get them damaged in a short span of time. The best thing to “fight” the weather is to cover your fish tank stand with a shade that could help it block the rain or sunlight somehow. In the end, it’s up to you to determine if the brand you’re buying from is dependable and reliable enough to be used outdoors.

Just like any other product, the more expensive a fish tank stand could get, the more features and more stylish designs it could come with. But not everything good has to be expensive – by being a wise buyer, you could already equip yourself with the best fish tank stand that could suit your taste at an affordable price.

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