Best Aquarium Vaccum Gravel Cleaners

11 Best Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaners For Your Home Tank

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Everyone who has ever had a fish aquarium understands those plastic siphon-action gravel vacuums. They’re messy or the tubing can be hard to control. And in case you suck something up into the vacuum you didn’t tend to; you might need to yank it up out of the water to release the suction. 

There’s got to be a simpler way to clean your tank gravel. 

Aquarium vacuum gravel cleaners are relatively new inventions and affordable for most budgets. They are simple to use, making it easier to clean aquarium substrate and perform water changes, saving your floor from a watery fate. 

This article will introduce you to the most dominant aquarium vacuum gravel cleaners on the market to help you choose the right one for your tank. Aquarium vacuum equipment will keep your tank free of dirt and debris while maintaining the good bacteria required for a healthy environment.

Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner Purchasing Guide

How to Choose The Right Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner?

Choose the right type 

As looking for an aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner, you need to determine what is the right type for your tank. There are two types, including manual gravel cleaners and electric gravel cleaners.

As the name indicates, manual gravel cleaners will be operated by users. This type of cleaner goes with a standard clear and durable tube that is attached to a siphon to make a good water flow. Manual gravel cleaners are widely used because they are affordable and can work without batteries. However, it is quite difficult to set up a manual one. 

The second option is electric gravel cleaners. They operate on batteries and can be used as a filter. It is easy to install electric gravel cleaners. You only need to set them up in an upright position from which they can begin extracting the gravel. Nevertheless, as they require batteries, these cleaners tend to be more expensive and produce sound or vibration. 

Your tank size

It is crucial to consider your tank size when buying a vacuum gravel cleaner. Several cleaners suction the water out very fast; if you have a small aquarium, this could lead to a problem for your fish. The size of your vacuum gravel cleaner should be proportional to your aquarium size. 

Your substrate 

Although vacuum gravel cleaners do an excellent job when it comes to maintenance, they are not suitable for every type of aquarium. They are highly suggested for fish tanks filled with gravel, as fish waste, fish food, and debris will be easily stuck in the gravel. For example, if the substrate is made from sand, you won’t need a vacuum cleaner.  

Significance of Cleaning Your Tank 

Cleaning your aquarium is more important than just an aesthetically pleasing feature in your space. It will keep your fish healthy by clearing any bacteria and toxins in the water. With a vacuum gravel cleaner, you are entering the habitat of debris you might not see with your naked eyes. 

Even if you have the best filter, leftover fish food, fish scales, algae, and other materials are still floating around in your tank. Leaving these toxins to sit can badly influence the health of your inhabitants and live plants. 

It is important for you to cleanse your fish tank on a weekly basis. In addition to using a gravel vacuum, you can use a squeegee to go to the insides of the glass. And you also should change the water to makes sure any microscopic particles are eliminated. 

Top 11 Best Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaners 

1. COODIA Electric Auto Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 

COODIA Electric Auto Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

This gravel cleaner is a 4-in-1 item for aquarium cleaning and maintenance. It runs via an electrical cord. 

This vacuum kit contains a fixture clip that enables you to clip the tubing onto the edge of the tank, an on/off switch, and a flow adjustment valve. It also covers a small suction nozzle, big suction nozzle, and algae cleaner attachment. The small suction nozzle includes a built-in grate to save gravel and live animals from being pulled from the vacuum. 

Moreover, this vacuum can be used for solid waste, water changes, algae cleaning, and gravel cleaning. It is built with a soft fabric filter that lets large waste particles be captured before you pump clean water into the tank. 

This cleaner does not replace regular water changes, though it can reduce the frequency of water changes. The water pump must be completely submerged for this item to work, making it improper for tanks less than a tall 10-gallon. The fabric filter bag is made of thick fabric to capture waste and return clean water but might cause overflows and leaks. 


  • All-in-one item for waste removal, water changing, gravel cleaning, and algae cleaning 
  • Cover small and large suction nozzles and algae cleaner attachment 
  • Built-in flow adjustment valve
  • Include a fixture clip 
  • Soft fabric filter bag to filter waste particles 


  • Require electrical outlet
  • Not appropriate for small tanks
  • Does not replace water changes 

2. AQQA Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 

AQQA Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

The AQQA Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is well-designed to have 6-in-1 functions. It runs via an electrical cord with an on/off switch. 

You can use this item for water changes, solid waste removal, water filtration, sand-washing, water showering, and water flow improvement. It is packed with a brush head, suction head, sand cleaning head, shower head, gravel washer with sponge, and filter. Besides, it has a mesh filter bag and suction intake, and a soft, spongy handle. The handle tubing can be extended from 17 to 33.5 inches. 

This item does not replace water changes but can be leveraged to make them become easier. Since the on/off switch is not waterproof, you should keep it away from the water all the time. 


  • Cover a mesh filter bag and an extendable handle tube
  • Provide four heads and a substrate washing tube with a filter
  • Include a soft, spongy handle grip


  • Does not replace water changes
  • Quite difficult to use 
  • Require electrical outlet
  • The filter bag might come off. 

3. NICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner 

NICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner

This cleaner is powered via an electrical plug but still is submersible. The water pump should be completely submerged; otherwise, the cleaner will not work. However, you should make sure water does not drip down the electrical cord into the outlet. 

This gravel cleaner is tailored to eliminate solid waste from the gravel and can be used for water changes. You can take advantage of this product to remove the solid waste between water changes and lower the frequency of water changes if needed. 

It is attached with a suction nozzle, extension nozzle, and extension tube. You can use this item to clean an aquarium up to 28 inches deep, suitable for freshwater and saltwater use. 


  • Does not require batteries
  • Provide an extension nozzle and an extension tube 
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Remove waste to reduce the water change frequency


  • Require electrical outlet 
  • Does not replace water changes 
  • Cannot be used with substrates less than 2mm 

4. Upettools Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 

Upettools Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

Another aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner comes from Upettools, which runs via an electrical cord and an on/off switch. 

Aquarists can use this cleaner to remove solid vacuum waste, clean sand, change the water, filter water, enhance water flow, and produce a shower. It consists of a sand washing head, shower head, suction head, tank cleaning head, substrate washing tube, and four extension tubes for different tank depths. 

What’s more, there is also a soft rubber handle, and a mesh filter bag. It also includes a water intake strainer pump for adding and removing water. 

The water pump needs completely submerged for this vacuum cleaner to work properly. The filter bag may detach from the pump if it is not handled carefully, resulting in a watery mess. 


  • Provide mesh filter bag and four extensions tubes for access to various depths
  • Used for sand and other small substrates 
  • Provide a soft, rubber handle


  • Might not come with instructions 
  • Does not replace water changes 
  • Require an electrical outlet
  • Not suitable for small tanks 

5. Eheim Quick Vac Automatic Gravel Cleaner 

Eheim Quick Vac Automatic Gravel Cleaner

This electric aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner peaks in popularity for its handy design and ease of use. This item is battery-operated, and it is completely submersible up to 3 feet. 

This product guarantees easy gravel cleaning between water changes. It pulls water in and filters it through a fine mesh filter, letting waste be pulled from the water while returning the cleaned water back to the aquarium. The suction in this item is designed to stand up even to touch sludge. There will be no need for buckets or hauling dirty water out and clean water in because this cleaner can simply eliminate waste and returning clean water to the tank. 

This Eheim product can help reduce the need for aquarium maintenance by keeping filters clean, dodging the buildup of waste by-products like ammonia, and getting rid of solid waste from the tank. 


  • Battery-operated
  • Filter waste from water and return clean water to the aquarium 
  • Does not require hauling water
  • Lower need for water changes and tank maintenance 


  • Does not replace water changes 

6. IREENUO Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner 

IREENUO Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

If your budget is limited, you can consider the IREENUO gravel cleaner. This is a battery-operated product that includes two C batteries and has a flow rate of 137.4 GPH. Using this item, you can eliminate access algae, gravel debris and change the water with ease. With a weight of 7.68 ounces, it is simple to use and assemble. 

This cleaner comes with two modes for water cleaning and changing. The spiral impeller requires no oil that you need to clean, and it offers a convenient hands-free book. Besides, you also get an adjustable tube length that comes in three pieces and goes up to 29 inches. Plus, there is a three-piece removable filter. 

You can use this cleaner for small, medium, and large aquariums with a depth range from 7.5 to 23.5 inches. The siphon action is helpful, allowing you to use the cleaner for 30 minutes continuously. 

However, you need to keep the wand between the maximum and minimum water line for it to work well. 


  • Adjustable tube length
  • Oil-free spiral impeller 
  • 30-minute continuous use
  • Two cleaning modes


  • The wand needs to be kept at a specific height. 

7. Boxtech Electric Aquarium Cleaner 

Boxtech Electric Aquarium Cleaner

This aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner is a safe and durable product that can remove debris, filter water, clean sand, change the water, and generate water showers and flow. It has a maximum flow rate of 256 GPH with a depth of 118 inches. Additionally, this is an energy-effective machine at 12 volts, but it contains an efficient 28-watt motor. 

The Boxtech gravel cleaner is packed with a brush, sand washer, duckbill head, anti-slip grip, and suction cup base. You’ll get an adjustable flow for your different cleaning projects. It’s also easy to clean and disassemble the motor and other parts. 

Nevertheless, the adjustable hose is prone to leak, and the wear-assistant shaft is not durable. 


  • Multi-functional
  • Energy-saving 
  • Reusable filter bag 
  • Anti-slip grip


  • The hose might leak. 
  • The machine might jam.

8. Hygger Electric Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Cleaner 

Hygger Electric Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a large aquarium that benefits from extra care, the cleaner from Hygger is a go-to choice. It is a 12-volt, DC-powered model that is energy-saving yet efficient. You can leverage it to remove debris, clean sand, and change out the tank water. 

The product includes a non-slip handle, debris vacuum head, brush head, sand vacuum head, and sand washer. It also contains a 6.5-foot water tubing that can reach up to 32.7 inches if needed. In addition, you will see a flow rate of 396 PGH through the 20-watt pump. With this amount of suction, you can cleanse your whole aquarium in no time. 

The Hygger cleaner consists of durable seal rings, so there won’ be any leaks in the hose. With the various functions and the weight of 3.7 pounds, you can use this gravel cleaner in both freshwater and saltwater tanks with a depth of up to 3.2 feet. 


  • Multifunctional 
  • Long hose reach 
  • Non-slip handle 
  • Robust suction


  • Quite expensive 

9. Python No Spill Clean and Fill 

Python No Spill Clean and Fill

This product’s main use is to help you siphon off and pour water into your aquarium without carrying buckets of water to and from the sink. It is ready-to-use, so you don’t need to do anything other than connect it to a sink. The item includes an integrated faucet attachment that is adaptable to every type of faucet or sink. 

Besides, it’s also an excellent vacuum gravel cleaner, clearing debris out of the water. This cleaner is packed with a directional flow valve. You can capitalize on this feature to after the water flow direction as you want. The manufacture has bundled the product with numerous accessories, such as a 25-feet long hose, hose connectors, brass faucet adapter, gravel tube, and a faucet pump. 


  • Easy to use
  • Able to control the water flow
  • Able to work without a siphon
  • Well compatible with all faucets and sinks


  • The suction tube is made of plastic. 

10. Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner 

Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

The Laifoo gravel cleaner comes with durable attachments and a 25-feet long hose that is made from elastic, transparent plastic. This material is incredible as you can rest assured that it will not negatively affect your fish. Plus, the hose is anti-kinging, so you don’t need to spend time trying to set it up appropriately whenever you want to do maintenance. 

Markedly, the product is equipped with a siphon ball. You only have to squeeze it three to five times, and the water will already have a strong flow that is robust enough to clear up all gravel and impurities. 

Moreover, the flow can be redirected, so you can utilize the water cleaner as a tank filter. The manufacturer offers three months of guarantee after the date of order. If anything goes wrong, you will immediately receive a free replacement or a full refund. 


  • 25-feet long hose
  • Able to work as an aquarium filter
  • Provide a siphon ball


  • The installation is quite complicated. 

11. SSRIVER Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 

SSRIVER Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 

The gravel cleaner from SSRIVER is super simple to use. Users just need to press one button for the water to begin pumping. The product consists of a flow adjuster feature that helps you find the right water flow without disturbing your tank’s inhabitants. 

SSRIVER wants to ensure that you don’t need to pay for any additional expenses, so they bundle the cleaner with a variety of useful accessories. You’ll have a water flow clamp, hose clamp, soft hose, glass scraper for algae stains, and anti-backflow valve design. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Able to adjust to the flow with ease
  • Does not require pumping water 
  • Get plenty of accessories


  • There are no seals for the suction.

Some Tips for Cleansing Your Aquarium 

Cleansing your tank largely depends on the type of aquarium you have. There might be differences between how you clean a saltwater aquarium and a freshwater tank. The type of fish you keep, plants, size, and structure of your aquarium can also play a role. 

To make sure your aquatic structure stays healthy, you should conduct your research on cleaning recommendations, water temperature, mineral suggestions, pH levels, and filter use. 

  • Lower substrate: Disordering the lower level of gravel can trigger a change in your aquarium’s equilibrium that can be detrimental. Unless you completely change out the substrate, you should focus on cleaning the top layer only. 
  • Change water: You should clear out 85% of the water in your aquarium and replace it with fresh water weekly, making sure you eliminate any toxins that could be hiding in the water. A vacuum gravel cleaner often works as a pump that facilitates this process. For a bigger fish tank, you can change out the water every month. 
  • Watch your fish: A great way to identify if you need to clean your aquarium is by watching your inhabitants. If you see any differences in their behavior or appetite, there might be something not right in their habitat. 
  • Deep cleaning: It is necessary for you to remove everything in your aquarium for a deep clean twice a year. Let’s begin by unplugging and removing all machines, plants, and accessories. You also need to remove the gravel or substrate for washing or replacing. 
  • Cleaners: As an aquarist, you would want to avoid any chemical cleaners that can cause harm to your aquarium. An aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner is effective for weekly clean-up and is a mild dish detergent for deep cleansing. Remember to rinse everything carefully before bringing the items back to your tank. 
  • Water calendar: It is a good idea to keep a water calendar, which can be done every week or every month, depending on your tank. Noting a record of the water temperature, pH, nitrate, and ammonia levels can help you prevent problems before they arise. 

Quick Comparisons of the Best Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaners


#Product NameImagePriceAction
1COODIA Electric Auto Aquarium Gravel CleanerCOODIA Electric Auto Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
2AQQA Aquarium Gravel CleanerAQQA Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
3NICREW Automatic Gravel CleanerNICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
4Upettools Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Upettools Aquarium Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
5Eheim Quick Vac Automatic Gravel CleanerEheim Quick Vac Automatic Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
6IREENUO Fish Tank Gravel CleanerIREENUO Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
7Boxtech Electric Aquarium CleanerBoxtech Electric Aquarium Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
8Hygger Electric Aquarium Gravel Vacuum CleanerHygger Electric Gravel Vacuum Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
9Python No Spill Clean and FillPython No Spill Clean and Fill$46.99Buy on Amazon!
10Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!
11SSRIVER Aquarium Gravel CleanerSSRIVER Aquarium Gravel Cleaner$$Buy on Amazon!

Obviously, keeping your aquarium clean is a must if you want your fish to have good health. What you need to do is to pick a vacuum gravel cleaner for your tank. However, it might be quite challenging to select the most appropriate one. 

The NICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner can be considered a great option with its ease of use and multiple functions for most aquariums. Meanwhile, if you have a low budget, want to buy something more affordable, you can go for the IRRENIO Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner. This is a slightly less robust item that helps you get rid of debris, algae and other materials from your tank, as well as saving time changing the water. 


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