Best 3 Gallon Fish Tank

Best 3-Gallon Fish Tanks (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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It’s really an exciting experience to get your first aquatic pet. And, you need to purchase a new fish tank and give your pets a happy, clean habitat. If you want to look into the best 3-gallon fish tank, then this post is what you need.

Most people who wish for home decor that does not require a lot of maintenance and time go for a small fish tank. While you cannot hold many aquatic pets, it can complement your small living or working space. Besides, your kids will love this new hobby.

Having aquatic pets at home creates a more tranquil and relaxing environment. Besides, it adds aesthetics to your interior. We understand that with so many 3-gallon fish tanks on the market, choosing the best to suit your needs can be overwhelming. That is why we give you this unbiased guide and help you find the best tank for your fishkeeping hobby.

Let’s get started!

What are the Different Types of 3-Gallon Fish Tanks?

Different Types of 3 Gallon Fish Tanks
Different Types of 3 Gallon Fish Tanks?

The 3-gallon fish tank is known for its very small size, and it requires you to choose the right aquatic pet to be taken care of. As it cannot hold plenty of fish, you can easily stock or place in an area you want. It is an ideal choice if you are planning to get a single fish together with a few plants.

Not all 3-gallon tanks are created equal. These tanks range in form, type of material, and filtration systems. A filtration system may come in two stages (mechanical and chemical) or three stages (biological). Choosing the quality ones means that the interior of the fish tank is kept in its cleanest, healthiest form.

While a glass tank is durable and clear, you will find it heavy and breakable, which requires an immediate replacement. The plastic one is a cheaper option; it is not clear as glass. You can also find fish tanks that are made of acrylic and considered as a lighter and more durable option.

The 3-gallon fish tanks are designed for certain types of fish. It’s also nice to know that they come in three different forms, including:

Cube Tanks

These fish tanks come with equal top to bottom and side-to-side measurements. If the type of fish you want to keep is a slow swimmer, this is a perfect choice. Your aquatic pet can swim the same stokes on the sides as well as ascend and descend through the tank.

Rectangular Tanks

In this type of tank form, the wider space is noticeable. This will help your fish swim through greater lengths instead of heights if your aquatic friends love to swim fast and are very active.

Curved Tanks

The curved tanks continue to gain popularity on the market. While they distort the image of the fish, they offer a fantastic magnifying effect. That way, you can view the fish even more. Not only that, but they also come to a more interesting design, which adds more decorative value.

Reasons to Buy 3 Gallon Fish Tank

Aquatic pets are fun and interesting to learn to especially the small fishes. Other than a variety of colors and shapes, they are entertaining and pleasing to the eye. Once you found what you want for a small fish as a pet, then you can go for a 3-gallon fish tank.

A 3-gallon fish tank might only hold a few small fishes, but they are easier to set up compared to larger counterparts. In fact, most of them are already in complete sets, so installing could be more fun and easier.

When it comes to maintenance, you will have no trouble with these fish tanks. They are easy to maintain. Since there are only a few plants and one or two fishes, you will need less time keeping them clean. Besides, they are cheaper, and having a single piece of it can only give you a therapeutic effect. After a busy working day, just taking a look at your aquatic pets can already lessen your stress.

In case you want to teach your kids in taking responsibility for fishkeeping, then having a 3-gallon fish tank is a good start. This size of the fish tank is a fantastic starter for those who are about to have aquatic pets.

A list of Best 3 Gallon Fish Tanks

Aside from providing your aquatic pets with proper food and treatment, you also need to provide them with the best fish tank. That way, they can live, play, and thrive happily and healthily.

It would be best if you do not shop for a 3-gallon fish tank without valuables ideas of which one to choose. That is why we give you this thorough review of the best 3 best gallon fish tanks.

Aqueon Tri-Scape LED Aquarium Kit 3-Gallons

Aqueon Tri-Scape LED Aquarium Kit 3 Gallons
Aqueon Tri-Scape LED Aquarium Kit 3 Gallons

Are you looking for a high-quality glass starter kit for your small fish? If yes, then you can go for Aqueon Tri-Scape. With its modern and stylish look, it can attract a lot of beginners in fishkeeping.

The Aqueon Tri-Scape is a triangular fish tank that can be placed on a desktop, countertop, and anywhere you want. It has soft, concealed white LED lights and an internal filter unit together with a preloaded carbon filter. You can replace this carbon cartridge.

The filtration hanging bracket effectively conceals the filter. As a result, the main focus will be on the fish and plants. Plus, this fish tank includes water care and fish food samples, and a setup guide.


  • Bright LED lights
  • Good quality and affordable
  • Has a small footprint
  • Easy to change filter media
  • Preloaded with x-small carbon cartridge
  • Includes water care and food samples and setup guide
  • Large viewing area
  • Adds modern style to living or working space


  • Some of the areas are difficult to clean
  • Keeping tropical fish requires adding a heater
  • The filter is not quite strong

GloFish 3-Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank
GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration Included

The GloFish Aquarium Kit is a perfect choice for kids or beginners. It can fit small spaces, such as a desk at work, a kid’s bedroom, and a kitchen countertop. This tank comes with white and blue LED lights that bring out the colors of your aquatic fish.

This fish task boasts a Whisper filter that can keep the water clean. Plus, it is very quiet. To create a glowing perception, this tank can absorb light. After that, it will re-emit. With the help of a blue LED bubbler, the color of the GloFish fluorescent fish can be enhanced.

The kit includes interesting items like a 3-gallon half-moon tank tetra air pump, airline connector valve, tetra small filter cartridge, and tetra internal filter. A clear lid with a feeding hole and six blue LED airstones are also included.


  • The idea for beginners and kids
  • Very bright LED lights
  • The filter unit provides easy to adjust the flow
  • Good value for money


  • The lid is not firmly attached to the tank
  • Keeping tropical fish requires adding the heater

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit 3-Gallon

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit
MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

The MarineLand Contour is a glass tank with a rail light across the top. This cube-shaped tank comes with a lighting system, having daylight and moonlight LED settings. The blue light can produce a moonlight glow, while the white light can create a light that mimics the sun.

This fish tank comes with a concealed filter. At the back panel, you will find the pump. The accessories include curved glass, back panel filtration, output nozzle, water intake, and glass canopy.

In order to have quick access to the interior space, we discovered that the lid of this fish tank could slide back and front. As a result, your aquatic friends can easily their food. It comes with a good filtration system while giving clean and healthy water. The filter unit works automatically.

You can adjust the output of the nozzle water as well as the flow of the pump in order to create a gentle water flow. The hidden filtration system provides more room to accommodate different types of filters. This results in an easy filtration process. The filter does its job of purifying and making the water free of nitrate, ammonia, and other toxic particles present in the water.


  • The filter provides an adjustable flow rate
  • The LED lights have daylight and moonlight settings
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very secure lid
  • Hidden filtration system
  • The setup process is very easy
  • Well-priced and aesthetically pleasing
  • Has sliding cover for feeding


  • The filter is too strong for a particular type of fish like Bettas
  • Adding a heater to the back plastic section is not applicable
  • The lighting is not ideal for plants that require a lot of light

Tetra GloFish 3-Gallon Aquarium Kit Fish Tank

Tetra GloFish 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit Fish Tank
Tetra GloFish 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration Included

If you are new to fishkeeping and do not mind a small space, the Tetra GloFish 3-Gallon is a perfect starter kit for you. This cube-shaped fish tank can fit any corner of your living or working space. It comes with a chic, compact design, making your fish stand out.

Apart from the sleek design, this fish tank offers a panoramic view of the aquatic fish. It has a sturdy pedestal base that ensures a stable fit when installing on the countertop. With its Whisper Internal Filtration, rest assured that your aquatic pets are safe at all times. In order to have a more flawless look, the filter unit can be hidden.

With the fish tank’s LED lighting system, bright lights are never an issue. For easy feeding, it has a clear canopy with a hole. Since it features a Tetra 3i filter, maintain the tank with clear water is very easy. Plus, the tank itself is easy to set up and maintain.

Additionally, the Tetra GloFish 3 Gallon is built with a low power voltage adaptor, and it cannot cause any damage while saving energy. You can use the user manual for setting the fish tank.


  • Easy to adjust the filter flow rate
  • Quality and budget-friendly
  • Small footprint for easier setup
  • Equipped with Tetra 3i filter to ensure a clean environment
  • Panoramic view of aquatic pets


  • The filter takes a while before working efficiently
  • Keeping a tropical fish requires adding the heater

Koller Products AquaTunes 3-Gallon Aquarium

Koller Products AquaTunes 3-Gallon Fish Aquarium
Koller Products AquaTunes 3-Gallon Fish Aquarium Sleep Sound Machine, Pre-Recorded Natures Sound, MP3 Player, and Speaker Included

The Koller AquaTunes is perfect for home, office, or dorm. It is built with biological UGF filtration together with LED lighting with varying colors that change from daylight white to red, blue, or green.

One of the features of this fish tank that really captured our attention is the MP3 player that can hold hundreds of songs and is preloaded with sounds of nature like thunderstorms, rain forests, a bubbling brook, and ocean waves. You can also download other music.

With its one-piece construction, you can expect durability and strength. This fish tank is made from break-resistant plastic, so you have nothing to worry about leaks. Besides, it can provide you with a crystal clear view of fish. Overall, this fish tank is ideal for kids and families.


  • Pre-recorded calming sounds of nature
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Ideal for daylight or nighttime viewing
  • Has biological UGF filtration for keeping fish healthy and the water crystal clear
  • Produces a bubbling effect to increase oxygen levels and enhance gas exchange
  • One-piece construction to ensure durability and strength
  • Offer crystal-clear clarity
  • Ideal for kids and families


  • The lighting system might require several pushing of a button to achieve the desired light pattern or turn it off

Best Types of Fish for 3-Gallon Tank

For sure, other than getting excited to purchase a new fish tank, you are also excited to get your new fish. While you might already have ideas in mind, but you need to ensure that your desired fish will suit the 3-gallon fish tank.

Before you end up buying your fish, it’s a nice idea to know which type of fish should be placed in the 3-gallon tank.


Be it male or female, Bettas are the most popular type of small fish kept in a 3-gallon fish tank. Since they do not grow large, you have no trouble replacing the size of your tank. Interestingly, they can even live without filtration in the tank.


For beginners with 3-gallon tanks, male guppies are a very popular option. They are noticeable because of their colorful tails. Besides, they are pleasing to the eyes and fun to watch.

Blind Cave Tetras

If your fish tank is filled with cold water, the blind cave tetras are the ideal type of fish to keep. You do not need to add bright lighting or supplemental heat. Make sure to add a small cave so that they will have a spot to hide in.

Salt and Pepper Corydoras

These catfish can clean up after themselves and can grow up to 3/4 to 1 inch. It is to keep them with plants. They enjoy eating small fish flakes and are very peaceful. Make sure to keep them between 77-88 F.


With proper care and treatment, swordtails can live for a long time. They are a passive type of fish. Because of their bright keepers, a lot of people prefer them to add colors to their tanks.

3 Gallon Tank Equipment to Start Fishkeeping

As you plan to start fishkeeping, do not expect that you will only need to fill the tank with water, and add fish. There are some instances that the kit does not include everything you need to get started. Learn the necessary tank equipment for fishkeeping.


If you wish a healthy environment for your aquatic pets, then make sure to get a filter as it is responsible for cleaning the water. Mind that waste products, harmful chemicals, decaying organic matter, and excess food should be removed by the filter.


Be aware that not all fish tanks need a heater. This equipment is only ideal for fish that came from warm waters like marine and tropical fish. Since these fishes vary between species, you need to perform research about the ideal temperatures for them.


To signal day and night, most aquatic pets require a source of light. If you plan to add plants to your tank, then the lighting system is necessary for growth and photosynthesis.

Cleaning equipment

Gravel vacuums or algae magnets are some of the cleaning equipment that is very useful during cleaning sessions. The water that you poured into the tank should be treated with dechlorinate. It will help in removing the toxic chlorine, especially if you use tap water.


To check the right temperature of the water in the tank, you can make use of a thermometer. You can place it at the opposite end to the heater so that you will get the best possible overall temperature.

Other alternative sizes:


As you start with a fishkeeping hobby, a small fish is a nice stepping stone. For instance, a betta fish is perfect for a 3-gallon tank. It is big enough to allow the fish to swim, throw, play around, and thrive on its own.

With the above ideas, we hope that you will not get too overwhelmed in choosing the best 3-gallon tank for your needs. Besides, you just have to enjoy everything and care for your aquatic pets properly.

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