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Top 6 Highly-Voted 100 Gallon Fish Tanks

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There is something interesting about keeping a large aquarium.

Maybe you are moving up in the hobby and are eager for a new challenge. Then a 100-gallon fish tank might be your consideration. Whether you plan to set up a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, a wide tank is an enormous investment and you need to ensure that you get it right from the start!

In this article, we will show you some of the best 100-gallon fish tanks. Now, let’s get started.

Benefits of Buying 100 Gallon Fish Tanks

Benefits of Getting 100-Gallon Fish Tanks
Benefits of Getting 100-Gallon Fish Tanks

While nano tanks might seem like they need less maintenance than larger ones, this is not true. There are some reasons why the larger is better in the aquarium hobby:

More Space

A bigger fish tank means more space. It provides more space for more surface area for helpful bacteria to thrive.

A bigger aquarium brings more surface area on the sides of the walls and more room for decorations. Tank equipment such as powerheads, filtration, heaters, and protein skimmers will create more space for bacteria to grow on. The more bacteria there are in your tank, the more likely the system can regulate its parameters and ecosystem.

More Livestock

Obviously, a wider tank will enable more livestock, such as fish, plants, corals, and inverts. A more spacious floorplan will support active fish species to swim while extra tank height will allow each fish to pick their favorite portion of the water column.

Besides, more space also means more space for your fish to build their territories. Though aggression still needs to be observed, larger aquariums can dilute any instant issues that might come to a smaller tank.


A larger tank can well replicate a natural environment. More bacteria can develop and more species can be shown off. Additionally, the aquarium will take on a life of its own and continue auto-pilot to some extent.

If a power blackout happens, wider aquariums take longer to cool off and don’t have dramatic changes in water parameters as in smaller ones. This is because there is a higher water volume, influxes of phosphate and ammonia are more integrated into the system and have a lighter impact on the entire ecosystem.

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List of Best 100-Gallon Fish Tanks

1. JAJALE 100-gallon Aquarium Set

 JAJALE 100-gallon Aquarium Set
JAJALE 100-gallon Aquarium Set

The space for your tank can be a puzzling task. It can require excessive location in your countertops and will definitely need a durable table for assistance. The Jajale 100-gallon fish tank provides you with the complete package with every little necessary thing.

You can watch your fish inside this aquarium with its 99% light passage.. The tempered glass renders 4 times tougher than normal ones. It is produced from high-strength and ultra-clear glass for optimal watching.

A framework is also important for large containers. The aquarium is significantly strengthened with lightweight aluminum, making it resistant to deformation and deep-sea erosion. Moreover, the unit comes with an LED light system, water pump, filter media, and an effective filtering system.


  • 99% of light is transferred through.
  • The framing is made from aluminum, which makes the aquarium durable for all types of damage and erosion.
  • It is simple to set up the tank.
  • The tank is packed with LED lighting.


  • You cannot buy the aquarium or the stand separately.

2. Aquadream 100-Gallon Fish Tank

Aquadream 100-Gallon Fish Tank
Aquadream 100-Gallon Fish Tank

Aquadream is regarded as a prominent manufacturer of aquatic products that are both visually attractive and functional. Aquadream aquariums have strong, thick glass paneling, quality filtration systems, and durable workmanship.

Impeccable for any personal aquarium keeper, this 100-gallon fish tank is created to house and breed marine life, corals, aquatic plant, and aquascaping.

The tank is constructed from premium low-iron tempered ultra-white clear glass, with a light transmittance of over 91.5%. Besides, the robust thick glass paneling helps the tank withstand the effect of daily use and improves acid and alkali resilience. Specifically, every panel is bonded by a German high-endurance biophilic silica gel that can withstand saltwater erosion for up to 20 years.

What’s more, the premium aluminum frame can decrease the possibility of deformation and fading. The tank’s cabinet contains the sump filtration system that has all the necessary pieces for installation, such as a submersible aquatic pump.

Furthermore, the sump filtration system features a wet-dry filtration feature and designated filter media dividers. That facilitates a modular approach when you handle the filter media.


  • Provide LED lighting
  • Decent design and high durability
  • Include a 360-degree filtration system


  • Quite heavy-weight

3. Red Sea Reefer XL 112-gallon Aquarium

 Red Sea Reefer XL 112-gallon Aquarium
Red Sea Reefer XL 112-gallon Aquarium

The Red Sea Reefer aquarium is tailored to be ready to customize reef aquariums. 

The tank is a contemporary, rimless, ultra-translucent glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet. You can choose the cabinet in a sleek black or white finish. 

The aquarium lies on a recessed base floating above the cabinet, which smoothly follows the glass’s contour. 

It includes a built-in overflow box that skims the surface. It’s already equipped with Red Sea’s special silent down-flow system. 

The extra-large filter sump has much room for a return pump and a protein skimmer. 

The Reefer XL sports a rotatable return nozzle, which can support directing the water flow where you want it. Besides, the aquarium has an emergency overflow pipe that secures your tank and home if the main pipe gets clogged. 

The filter intake and return are placed on the end of the aquarium so the rest of the tank is free of obstructions.

The large sump consists of micron filter socks for eliminating fine particles. There’s also room for a refugium to bring algae and rock bubbles to the sump. 

Notably, the automatic top-off chamber makes it simple to keep your aquarium filled with the right quantity of water, even if you stay far from home. 


  • Provide a rotatable return nozzle
  • A silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Decent marine-spec cabinet
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required


  • High price 

4. Waterbox Reef 100.3 100-gallon Aquarium

Waterbox Reef 100.3 100-gallon Aquarium
Waterbox Reef 100.3 100-gallon Aquarium

The Waterbox Reef 100.3 unit is a 100-gallon fish tank created to be reef-ready. It is hand-crafted from the ultra-transparent low-iron glass with beveled glass for sleek, translucent edges and a rimless top.

The aquarium stand is made from high-quality materials and a UV-cured waterproof finish.

This 100-gallon fish tank is designed for traditional front-viewing. The skimmer-overflow box is hung on the rear of the tank.

The overflow has a whisper-quiet design that removes the sound of trickling water. The overflow is made of smooth glass rather than plastic, making it easy to keep clean and free of algae.

Besides, the tank comes pre-plumbed with dual adjustable overflow returns. There’s no gluing or cutting needed. Additionally, the automatic top-off (ATO) system makes sure the tank is filled automatically. Filter socks eliminate fine particles for translucent water.


  • Sophisticated design with premium materials
  • Provide a large filter sump
  • Support removing fine particles with filter socks
  • Provide dual adjustable overflow returns


  • Does not provide any return pump, protein skimmer, or auto top-off mechanics
  • More proper for freshwater tanks

5. Red Sea Max S-Series 400 LED Complete Reef System

Red Sea Max S-Series 400 LED Complete Reef System
Red Sea Max S-Series 400 LED Complete Reef System

This 100-gallon fish tank system is a reef keeper’s dream. It consists of everything necessary to keep corals and other marine life healthy and flourishing.

All the guesswork of replicating a reef system has been addressed with the Max S-series unit.

The tank is equipped with Wi-Fi-controlled Hydra 26 HD LED lighting created for SPS and LPS corals. The fish tank is made of 12-15 mm ultra crystal-clear (low iron) glass supported by saltwater resistant plastics and a marine spec anodized aluminum frame.

You find no need to drill or cut any holes for plumbing or electrical connections. There’s a one-plug power center that can power all your system and keeps the cabinet neat and safe. Moreover, the whole back of the tank is an overflow system that is already pumped to the large filter sump.

Notably, the filtration system includes a protein skimmer and automatic top-off (ATO).

Micron filter socks get rid of fine particles for translucent water. The sump has much room for other gear like reactors and contacts chambers.

Especially, the manufacturer lets you select between a white and black polyurethane-coated stand made from marine-grade and MDF hardware.


  • Suitable for SPS and LPS corals
  • No need for drilling or cutting any holes
  • Include an automatic top-off and a protein skimmer


  • High price

6. Clear-For-Life 100-Gallon Rectangle UniAquarium

Clear-For-Life 100-Gallon Rectangle UniAquarium
Clear-For-Life 100-Gallon Rectangle UniAquarium

If you’re below a tight budget but still want an out-of-the-box system, then the Clear-For-Life 100-gallon fish tank might fit you.

This aquarium is made from thick acrylic tailored for boosting support and clarity. The corners are also rounded for a slick effect that goes into the cut-out lid.

Uniquely, the tank is not drilled for external filtration. Instead, all of the necessary filter chambers are hidden behind a blue or sapphire blue background. There are three primary chambers with the first including sponge filters, the second attached with bio-balls, and the last used for holding the return pump.


  • Affordable acrylic aquarium
  • Provide customizable built-in filtration


  • Does not allow removing the lid
  • Does not include the tank stand

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Which Fish Species Can You Keep in a 100-Gallon Tank?

This big size lets you raise a number of stunning species of fish.

With so much space, you can flexibly generate all types of interesting setups and combinations.

You can keep some fish, such as Oscar fish, Gournamis, Cichlids, Parrotfish, Rainbowfish, Angelfish, some bigger Catfish (Otos, Corys, and Plecos), bigger Barbs, bigger Danios, and Tetras.

With a 100-gallon fish tank, you get a diverse choice of various saltwater fish, including Frogfish, Dragonets, Clownfish, Hawkfish, Damselfish, Puffers, and iconic Surgeonfish (yellow or blue tangs).

Or, you might want to establish a miniature reef with species like Fairy and other Squirrelfish, Dragonets, and Reef Wrasses.

If you plan to keep non-fish inhabitants, you can contemplate larger, completely aquatic crabs, cherry shrimps, ghost, Amano, as well as larger aquatic snails such as assassin snails. They can diversify your tank community and make your tank lively and marvelous.


Whether you’re migrating or beginning a brand new aquarium, a 100-gallon fish tank is a proper option for both freshwater and saltwater purposes. Even though it is not a size seen too often, the majority of online manufacturers provide all-in-one setups that leave little to buy otherwise. Keep in mind that you research every tank and prepare your setup beforehand so that your dream fish tank can become true. 

If you have any wonders about 100-gallon fish tank systems or own an aquarium of this size, don’t hesitate to leave a line in the comment section!

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